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Free Digital Marketing Courses

Free digital marketing courses

Free Digital Marketing Courses In India

Hey guys, If you are looking for Free Digital Marketing Courses in India, Kindly read this blog post carefully and you will get a bunch of information about digital marketing courses which offered by several Institute and India’s Topmost Digital Marketer. I’ll explain the best way to learn digital marketing courses. Here is list 

(1) Google Digital Unlocked

You can learn free digital marketing course by Google. Digital Marketing Certification By Google which gives you basic & advance learning experience of digital marketing course insight.

Enroll Free Digital Marketing Courses By Google.  Click Here

(2) Hubspot Academy Free Courses

Hubspot Academy offers various modules of Digital Marketing Courses which includes   SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Certificate courses and so on. You can learn these courses from Hubspot Academy Official Youtube Channel. 

You can also learn inbound marketing strategy, Basic SEO course & E-commerce  sale and Marketing growth courses  from Hubspot Academy 

(3) SEMrush Academy Free Courses

SEMRUSH is renowned tools in Digital Marketing which help marketer to track digital marketing activities on blogs & websites.  SEMRUSH also provide free online learning management systems to students, professional to get digital knowledge. Here is a list of free digital Marketing courses offers by SEMRUSH. 

  1. SEMrush SEO Tool Kit 
  2. SEMrush Content Marketing Tool Kit 
  3. SEMrush PPC Advertising Tool Kit 
  4. SEMrush Social Media Marketing Tool Kit 
  5. Technical SEO course with Bastian Grimm

Click Here to get online free digital Marketing courses from SEMRUSH.  CLICK NOW 

(4) Ahref Academy

Ahref is also well-known SEO tools. Ahref also offer free SEO Courses which includes 

Visit Ahref Academy website. CLICK HERE

(5) Edx Digital Marketing Courses

Edx is the world largest online learning portal. Edx offers professional certificate courses online to enhance professional careers. If you want to learn free digital marketing courses from EDX. You can visit the edx official website. 




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How to Sell On Amazon India

how to sell on amazon

How to sell on Amazon India for Beginners

Amazon is the world largest marketplace E-commerce company. Every small brand wants to sell their products online & they are looking for the platform to grow their business. The India best E-commerce platform which has a large number of customers in various market segments like Fashion, Apparel & accessories, shoes & Handbags, Books, Electronics & Smartphones.

Brands & Traders want to sell products on Amazon for capturing potential customers to sell product & earn a profit. The big question is that How can sell product on Amazon?

how to sell on amazon

How to register on Amazon

Become Amazon seller, you need to register on Amazon Seller Central. I’m gonna tell you How to create Amazon Seller Central Account. Step by step guide to creating an Amazon Seller account on  Amazon India.

Step 1:- Search  “Amazon Seller Central ” & Click on it.

Step 2:- Click on Register Now Button.

Step 3:- Click on Create your Amazon account

Step 4:- Fill required details Your Name, Moblie Number, Email id & create a password & continue..

Step 5:- Enter your email address & password & Click on Continue button ..

Step 6:- You will land on the Register & Start selling tab. You Need to fill your Company Name or Business Name. Marked on seller agreement & Click on continue.

Step 7:- Verify your mobile number

Step 8:- Update seller Information,  Your store name, Product category & address. Click on continue 

Step 9:- Update your Tax details ( GSTIN & PAN Number mandatory for selling on Amazon India /Global selling )

Step 10:- Seller Interview,  Choose your category you wish to sell on Amazon, Manufacturing /Trading, your annual turnover, are you selling your product on another website  etc

Step 11:- Update all required details & Finally Launch your Amazon Store.

Finally, you will get Thank you message from Amazon Seller Team.  Now you can start Listing your products & update their inventory & make them live.

Here is a complete Video tutorial for How to sell on Amazon India. you will able to learn step by step registration process & Onboarding required details which need to be submitted during seller central registration.

 WATCH How to Register your brand on Amazon India VIDEO NOW.

Watch Full Video How to sell On Amazon Step by Step. Become Amazon Seller Today.

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How To Hide Subscribers on youtube 2018

How to hide youtube subscriber count

How to Hide Subscribers Count on YouTube 2018

Hello Guys, Do you want to know to learn,  How to Hide your subscribers Count on YouTube.  Don’t worry, I will give you complete step by step guide to hiding your YouTube Subscribers. This is the best way to hide your YouTube Chanel subscribers Count. Follow these steps

Follow these step to Hide your Youtube subscription count

  • Browser in the search engine.

  • Login your Youtube account

Youtube subscriber count

When you Log In, Your youtube account. Click on the right side as shown on Images. After click, you will find Creator Studio, you need to click on creator studio or you can click on my channel. Next  Click On Channel,


Youtube subscriber count

After clicking on a channel, you will get 4 options & you need to Click on ADVANCE Option. After scroll down, you will get two option which includes, Given in below image 

How to hide youtube subscriber count

how to hide youtube subscriber count


how to hide your subscriber count

Finally, your change will save and your youtube subscriber count will hide from other viewers & your youtube channel visitors.


If You Want to see the Live video then kindly watch this video till the end.


Hope you will like this video. This article on How to hide youtube subscription count will help you to hide you the subscriber.

Watch Video Now Click Here

Benefits of Hiding YouTube Subscriber Count From Public

  • You want to grow your youtube channel subscribers before going to make it public. if you have low subscriber count and you want to grow your channel then it will help you to do the same because of millions of youtube creators are there and working hard to grow their subscriber base, some of them successful & most of them unsuccessful.
  • Hidden subscribers save you from your competitors.

Let’s Hide your subscribers count to follow these steps & make it public when you will have the good number of subscriber count.

That’s all about how to hide YouTube Subscriber Count by Digital Rakesh Raushan.